Download Apps X-Ray Camera (kamera Tembus Pandang)

Download Aplikasi kamera Tembus Pandang

Download Aplikasi Kamera Tembus Pandang

X-Ray Camera is a free photography application for Android that permits getting photographs through structures. (Download Aplikasi kamera Tembus Pandang)

X-Ray Camera offers an Enhanced-reality cam application that makes it conceivable to take photographs through structures and dividers by using the GPS. It correspondingly has a substitute zoom contraption works up to 100 mile away. In a far-reaching way hold cam level, change zoom segment if essential them easy to utilize or simply take after the on-screen introduction.

Tips: If the contraption gives off an impression of being showing in the wrong bearing, move the gadget pretty much as drawing a "figure 8" to re-balance. In the event that the charging stucks, fundamentally hold up and affirm the GPS is beginning now begun. If you're inside and strolling around a passage or window, the contraption is filtering for a GPS fix. Once in a while, basically waving the gadget around gets a GPS signal.

The best setting fro urban zones would be a zoom part of 2. Some high thickness ranges, case in point, Manhattan or the East-end may profit from the zoom variable of 1. For suburban zones, the base zoom part would be 3-6, reliant upon the division between streets.

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